Max Current Resets

"Max Current Resets" are 20 and there is a new system which increases the "Max Current Resets" with 2 every Monday and Friday

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Last Update: 21:44 27/07/2014

Change Bosses

Zaikan - Icarus 2
Red Dragon - Icarus 2

Zaikan drop:
1) Flaming Phoenix Set
2) Dark Side Set
3) Nature Set
4) Huricane Set

Red Dragon drop:
1) Mace of King
2) Staff of Kundun
3) Gaint Bow
4) Phantom Mace

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Last Update: 13:02 26/07/2014

Domain Change IMPORTANT!!!

The domain is working again :):)

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Last Update: 22:28 24/07/2014

New Client

I create some client changes(better security and fix some bad items skin) :)
Now you need to download the new client or update(if you have old client)

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Last Update: 11:52 23/07/2014

New settings

Add Zaikan Boss (tarkan) Drop the most powerful items :)
Add More Spots(losttower and Exile) You can check them here
Add Red Dragon Boss(icarus 2) Drop only archangel items
Fix Box Drop you can check it here.

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Last Update: 17:21 21/07/2014