Domain Change IMPORTANT!!!

The domain is working again :):)

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Last Update: 22:28 24/07/2014

New Client

I create some client changes(better security and fix some bad items skin) :)
Now you need to download the new client or update(if you have old client)

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Last Update: 11:52 23/07/2014

New settings

Add Zaikan Boss (tarkan) Drop the most powerful items :)
Add More Spots(losttower and Exile) You can check them here
Add Red Dragon Boss(icarus 2) Drop only archangel items
Fix Box Drop you can check it here.

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Last Update: 17:21 21/07/2014

Fix Bug

I am really sorry for this but server had problem with boxes drop. Now everything is ok drop was fixed, but to fix this bug I change box drop :) You can see it here

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Last Update: 23:01 19/07/2014

Quest System

Quest System is working :)
How to complete quest:
1) Every time when you reset you will take a quest.
2) Check your quest in your User Info.
3) Go online and kill this monsters.
4) Reset again and you will take the quest reward.(If you didn't complete the quest before reset, you will not get the reward and you will lose this quest .)

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Last Update: 17:45 19/07/2014